Volunteer to Help People

As a volunteer you help people find what was lost and share a story of hope!

Become a volunteer!

Family Asset Service is a non-profit organization on a mission to help people find what was lost and restore it. 

Volunteers serving your Family

Our team of volunteers love helping people find money. They often start with us by discovering the value of their own lost assets.

A National Network of Volunteers

Started in Tennessee, we help people across the country to find money they didn't know was theirs.

Working Daily to Help People

On average our volunteers each contact 20 people per day with information about money and property they didn't know they had.

Happy elderly man retired with his inheritance

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Volunteers make difficult connections

One way volunteers help is by making calls and sending postcards to people. You can help share the good news with them about the assets we found, and also share why we serve people to demonstrate the love of God.

Volunteers research data

For each asset in our database, research volunteers work to locate the owners or make connections that might be otherwise missed, such as multiple assets that belong to the same family.

Volunteers are a Team

Administrators, prayer warriors, trainers and recruiters help us reach more people. As an administrative volunteer you are a servant leader, supporting volunteers and the leadership team. Your gifts help reach people with the Good News!

Restore Hope and Purpose

Today many people are discouraged and disconnected. As a volunteer you have the unique chance to change someone's future!

A meaningful life.

We share good news about lost assets and also of the inheritance we have in Christ.

Jesus is often forgotten today, but demonstrating His love is the greatest way to reach people.

Your life of purpose is needed!

Put meaningful purpose into your life where you once had wasted time. 

Family Asset Service cares about our volunteers too!

You can find PURPOSE in helping people.


Search & Discover

Our experienced researchers often discover large amounts of money or assets being held. We try to locate the owner and share the information. 

It can be hard for some people to believe there is money waiting for them for free!


Connect & Help People

Once we connect with people who have lost assets, we verify that it belongs to you or your family and show you where to go and how to claim it.

We do this all for FREE because we love to help people.


Claim Your Money!

Finally, there are forms and verifications you may need to fill out. We are here to answer questions and provide further help if the process gets complicated.

Don't give up, your money is waiting to be claimed!

Volunteers like you.

Family Asset Service volunteers are trained to serve. You work for a purpose greater than money and lost assets!

"My story of working to serve people as a volunteer, because someone helped me!"

Volunteer A.

"I'm 93 years old, so I understand… "

Volunteer B.

"And here is why I love to help people… "

Volunteer C.

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